The laboratory service at H. J. Doshi Hospital is Highly Advance and High Tech offering 24×7 Hour service. Laboratory is equipped with Fully Automated and highly advance Instruments in all the departments offering to patients the widest range of pathological investigations including all subspecialties i.e. hematology, biochemistry, clinical pathology, microbiology, histopathology, cytology and Immunofluorocence.

  • The Hematology lab is equipped with the latest COULTER LH 750 (BECKMAN COULTER) Fully Automated Hematology Analyzer with 8 part differential, fully automated cell counter PCE-210, ERMA. Also Lab has Fully Automated ESR Machine like HUMASED 25 and EASY RATE and Fully Automated Urine Analyzer H 500. Also Facility of Bone marrow examination with special staining and Cytochemistry available.
  • The Biochemistry lab has the latest, Top Class and High Tech fully automated instruments like COBAS e 411 (Roche), COBAS Integra 400 plus (Roche), VI TROS 250 (Johnson and Johnson) and VIDAS PC (BioMeriux ) for providing widest range of biochemical and immuno-assays. Also LAB has QUANTIAMATE for Turbidimetry and COAGULOMETER (Tulip), ELISA READER (Microlab ), NYCOCARD and RX 50. Also ABL 80 for Blood Gas Analysis .
  • The Histopathology lab will provide comprehensive anatomical pathology services including Handling of Small Biopsies, Cell Block Study and Various Oncosurgical Specimen. It will provide the highest quality synoptic reporting according to WHO and CAP guidelines.
  • The Cytopathology Lab will provide a wide range of diagnostic cytology services like Plain FNAC and USG and CT Guided FNAC, PAP Cytology, Fluid Cytology, and Imprint Cytology.
  • The Microbiology lab will provide a wide range of microbiology and virology services on state-of-the-art automated equipment such as the BacT/ALERT and Vitek 2 Compact (BioMeriux),
  • Laboratory is equipped with highly advanced microscope consist of scope. A1-AXIO & primo star from karlzesis and separate microscope Primostar from karlzesis specially dedicated to diagnose Autoimmune disorders by immunofluorescence technique.

COBAS e-411 Analyzer


BECKMAN COULTER – Hematology Analyzer



cobas integra400

Fully Automatic Dry Chemistry Analyzer


D-10 Hemoglobin Testing System

cobas integra400