• Department of radiology is well equipped with advanced machines and modelities like X-ray,USG(voluson expert 730), CT scan(GE,Bright speed 16 slice),OPG and MRI (siemens,1.5 T).
  • WE has recently upgraded X-ray Department with high end CR System(DX-M AGFA).

MRI (Magnetic resonance imaging)

MRI-1.5 Tesla M (SIEMENS Germany)

Ultra Sonography / E-Cho machine

Ultra Sonography
Sonography Voluson 730 expert with
Transvaginal and Sectoral Probes.

CT – Scan

C.T. Scan- 16 Slice Multidetector (G.E.Healthcare USA)


IITV Machine
Two high resolution X-ray (500MA) and
one having IITV,Portable X-ray