• We have 5 bed picu and 9 bed Nicu with 6 warmers and 3 photototherapy units.
  • We have sufficient numbers of adequately trained and qualified nursing staff round the clock of complete care of babies infants and children.
  • We have advanced dedicated neonatal ventilation, that is Bohy log 8000 with high frequency mode that specially designed for, pneumothorax RDS,MAS for precise flow rate.
  • We have infusion pumps.
  • Intensive phototherapy units for neonatal hyperbilirubinemia.
  • Vital sign monitor for measurement of pulse rate,Respisation,Apnea,Spoz,ECG.
  • Portable ultrasound for scgeening of IVH.
  • Portable X-ray machine for early mobility for bedside x-ray.
  • Within next month we will be equipment with nasal C-PAP which is designed for preterm babies for RDS,Congenital pneumonia, and post extubation care.

Our Specialist for Neonatology

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