• radiology
  • Department of radiology is well equipped with advanced machines and modelities like X-ray,USG(voluoion expert 730), CT scan(GE,Bright speed 16 slice),OPG and MRI (symens,1.5 T).
  • We has recently upgraded X-ray Department with high end CR System(DX-M AGFA).
  • Nicely organized and well equipped department.
  • It is among the most cheapest hospital in Rajkot
  • The rates of all radiological investigations are very reasonable.
  • The all department has all latest machines including.
    • 16 sliced moltislice CT SCAN (GE bright speed)
    • 1.5 T MRI
    • Valuson 730 pro expert series(GE)
    • Sonosite(Micromax for portable USG)
    • Computerized digital CR system (AGFA & FUJI)

Our Specialist for Radiology

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